Android Quick Start

Registering your App on the Kii Developer Portal

To use the Kii SDKs, you must first register your application on the developer portal. Once registered, your application will have an associated App Key and App ID that you'll use to initialize the SDKs.

Register an application

  1. Login on the developer portal:
  2. Press the "Create App" button.

    This brings up the "Create An App" menu.

  3. Enter the name of your application, select the desired server location and the mobile platforms you'd like to use and then click on the "Create Your App" button.

    Note: the China server currently has the following limitations:
    -- Kii Cloud SDK's "Push Notification with GCM" feature is not available.

  4. Select the newly created app and then click on "Access Keys" on the upper right corner.

    This will bring up the application credentials.

    These credentials will be used by Kii Cloud to uniquely identify your application.

Adding Collaborators

You can add collaborators to your application. The collaborators will have the privileges to access your application on the developer portal as the application owner (except for adding more collaborators).

Please follow the steps below to add collaborators:

  1. After selecting your application, click "Collaborators".

    This will bring up the following screen

  2. Click the "+ Add Collaborator" button, enter the email address of the collaborator you want to add, and click "Send Invite".

    You will now see the collaborator being listed as "PENDING".

    At this point, an invitation email is sent to the specified address. When the user who receives the invitation email accesses the developer portal via the link in the email, this user will be registered as a new collaborator, and his status will change to "ACTIVE".

    To change the status of a collaborator, click on the target collaborator.

    Clicking "Re-Send Invite" button will send the invitation email to this user again. Clicking "Delete" button will remove this collaborator.

    The "SHARED" mark will be shown on the application in which you are registered as a collaborator, like in the snapshot below.

When multiple collaborators and the app owner simultaneously apply new application settings, they will not be reflected in the developer portal screen instantly. You will need to reload your browser.

Downloading the Android Client SDK

Once your application is registered, you will be prompted to download the Android Starter Kit that includes the client SDK and a preconfigured application to get you started quickly.

Alternatively you can download the SDK by clicking on the "SDK" link at the top of your application console.

If you are using Maven, there is not need to download the Kii SDK by yourself. Please check here.

To integrate the SDK with your existing app, please check out the following resources: