Kii Cloud SDK

KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting Namespace


Type Description
ConversionEvent Definition of the conversion event.
KiiExperiment Represents Experiments.
KiiExperimentCallback Called after the completion of KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting.KiiExperiment.GetByID(string, KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting.KiiExperimentCallback)
KiiExperimentStatus Represents the status of Experiment.
RandomVariationSampler Sampler using Time based sampler. This does not require user login. Random seed will generated based on execution timestamp.
Variation Represents values used for testing (value of A and B)
VariationSampler Interface of sampler of variation. Used by KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting.KiiExperiment.GetAppliedVariation(KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting.Variation, KiiCorp.Cloud.ABTesting.VariationSampler) You can implement customized logic of sampling variation by implementing this interface.
VariationSamplerByKiiUser Sampler using KiiUser attributes. This uses current login KiiUser ID to randomise the variation.