Getting Started

Kii Cloud enables you to develop Internet-ready mobile apps and IoT solutions without development or operation on the server-side. This documentation site provides developers with development procedures with Kii Cloud.

The Kii Cloud documentation site consists of the following sections:

  • Getting Started (This section)

    Start by reading this section if you are new to Kii Cloud. This section outlines Kii Cloud.

  • Function Guide

    This section explains what you can do with Kii Cloud and its structure.

  • Programming Guides

    This section includes the programming guides for Kii Cloud. These guides explain the implementation procedures by functional units with small pieces of sample code.

  • References

    This section includes the detailed specifications of the client SDKs and REST APIs. Refer to this section to check the functionality of the APIs in detail while you develop the code.

  • Samples and Tutorials

    This section explains how to develop mobile apps and IoT solutions with sample programs.