Functional Model

The Thing-IF SDK offers APIs to realize some functional models. These functional models are designed to cover major IoT use cases. The APIs of Thing-IF SDK are designed to let you realize the target use cases easily and quickly.

The basic design concept is different from that of the Kii Cloud SDK for Thing. Kii Cloud SDK aims to provide primitive functions for covering a wider range of use cases. By integrating these features into your program, you will be able to develop services that match with your specific needs.

Please check if the IoT service you want to realize matches with the functional models listed below. If the target IoT service matches with the models, we recommend using the Thing-IF SDK. Otherwise, please consider using the Kii Cloud SDK for Thing by referring to Tuning with Kii Cloud SDK for Thing.

  • Thing capability registration

  • Thing Onboarding

    Register a thing to Thing Interaction Framework. The thing type and firmware version will be specified at the registration to determining the trait that will be applied to the thing.

  • State Registration and Retrieval

    Things regularly register their status to Thing Interaction Framework as states. Users will check the states from their mobile apps. The states will be validated on the basis of the trait definition.

  • Action and Command Execution

    Users send commands from mobile apps to manipulate things. After receiving the commands, the things take the requested actions. The commands will be validated on the basis of the trait definition.

  • Auto Execution with Triggers

    Auto-execute a predefined command or server code when a predefined execution condition is met. The condition and command will be validated on the basis of the trait definition.