cURL Command

The sample in this guide assumes that you are using cURL command. If you are using Windows, the cURL command is not installed by default. Please download the binary for your environment from here and set the path accordingly.

Please note that the syntax of Windows shell is a bit different from that of Linux and MacOSX. In this guide, all curl execution samples are written based on Linux and MacOSX syntax. If you are using Windows, the cURL binary you are using (e.g., Generic, Cygwin, and MinGW) might be adopting different syntax. Also, the shell you are using might affect the syntax. Please consult cURL technical references to learn more about the syntax differences.

For example, you need to change the followings if you are using the Generic cURL binary for Windows:

  1. When you are writing a command in multiple lines, use ^ rather than \ at the end of lines.
  2. When you are sending a request body, surround the body with "" rather than ''.
  3. If your request body includes ", escape the double quotation with \.

The cURL command for Signing up, for instance, will become as follows:

curl -v -X POST ^
  -H "Authorization: Basic {BASE64_ENCODED_APPID_AND_APPKEY}" ^
  -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kii.RegistrationRequest+json" ^
  "{APP_ID}/users" ^
  -d "{\"loginName\": \"user_123456\", \"displayName\": \"person test000\", \"country\": \"JP\", \"password\": \"123ABC\"}"