Switching the Active Server Code

You can change the active version as follows:

node bin/kii-servercode.js set-current \
  --code-version <version> \
  --site jp \
  --app-id <your_app_id> \
  --app-key <your_app_key> \
  --client-id <your_client_id> \
  --client-secret <your_client_secret>

Here are the options you need to set:

  • --code-version: The version of the server code you want to activate.
  • --site: The server location (jp).
  • --app-id: The AppID.
  • --app-key: An arbitrary value.
  • --client-id: The ClientID.
  • --client-secret: The ClientSecret.
  • --token: (optional) The app admin token. Can be used instead of client-id and client-secret.
  • --http-proxy: (optional) Specify http proxy, in case client is running behind a firewall or cannot access directly to Kii Cloud API. Eg: https://my.proxy:8080

Make sure to set the values you've got on the developer portal for --site, --app-id, --app-key, --client-id and -- client-secret (See Parameters for executing the commands for more information). You can optionally specify the app admin token with --token instead of specifying the ClientID and ClientSecret (See Admin Features to learn how to get the app admin token).

When the active server code is successfully switched, Kii Cloud will respond as follows:

6 Feb 18:47:36 - Setting current version to wjhpzjr3ud7faqvvgzhn38qo8...
6 Feb 18:47:38 - Current version set to wjhpzjr3ud7faqvvgzhn38qo8