Listing Available Versions

Check the following execution sample to see how to get a list of all available versions of your server code.

node bin/kii-servercode.js list \
  --site jp \
  --app-id <your_app_id> \
  --app-key <your_app_key> \
  --client-id <your_client_id> \
  --client-secret <your_client_secret>

Here are the options you need to set:

  • --site: The server location (jp).
  • --app-id: The AppID.
  • --app-key: An arbitrary value.
  • --client-id: The ClientID.
  • --client-secret: The ClientSecret.
  • --token: (optional) The app admin token. Can be used instead of client-id and client-secret.
  • --http-proxy: (optional) Specify http proxy, in case client is running behind a firewall or cannot access directly to Kii Cloud API. Eg: https://my.proxy:8080

Make sure to set the values you've got on the developer portal for --site, --app-id, --app-key, --client-id and -- client-secret (See Parameters for executing the commands for more information). You can optionally specify the app admin token with --token instead of specifying the ClientID and ClientSecret (See Admin Features to learn how to get the app admin token).

You will get a list of the available versions like this:

6 Feb 18:14:33 - Listing available versions...
6 Feb 18:14:37 - Found 4 versions:
9ebzfjtpev7a8t72zxssfm7nb 2013-12-10 17:10:46 inactive
gulsdf6ful8jvf8uq6fe7vjy6 2014-02-06 18:08:39 active
pnw4nqvsgixk793gn87g7m4f3 2013-12-10 11:30:08 inactive
wjhpzjr3ud7faqvvgzhn38qo8 2013-12-10 11:28:21 inactive

As shown in the above sample, Kii Cloud will return the following information for each version of server code:

  • The version of the code.
  • The time when the code is deployed.
  • If the code is currently active or inactive.