Create an Application

Registering your app on the Kii Cloud developer portal

To use the Kii Thing-IF SDK, you must first register your application on the developer portal. Once registered, your application will have an associated AppID and AppKey. You will use them when you initialize the SDK.

Please follow the steps below to register your application.

  1. Login on the Kii Cloud developer portal.

  2. Press the "Create App" button. Enter the name of your application, and select the mobile platforms you'd like to use.

    See Application for the details of these configuration.

    Click the "Create Your App" button when you are done.

Checking AppID

When an application is created, its access keys are assigned automatically. Of these keys, AppID is used by Kii Cloud to identify your application.

Please follow the steps described in Checking and Resetting Access Keys and check the assigned AppID. You will later use these keys, so please keep a record of them.

Note: we are no longer using AppKey.

Adding collaborators

You can add collaborators to your application. The collaborators will have the privileges to access your application on the developer portal as the application owner (except for adding more collaborators).

See Managing Collaborators to learn how to add collaborators.