Updating server code execution environment

Thank you for using Kii Cloud.

We are updating our server code execution environment to be based on Node.js v16.

Update Schedule

  • Until the update date, you can select either a Node.js v6-based environment or a new Node.js v16-based environment. Please use this period for preparing for the transition.
  • After the update date, all code will run in a Node.js v16-based environment.

We are currently finalizing the update date. We will post the date later.

What You Need for the Update

Please test your newly-created code and deploy it in a new execution environment. Also, please confirm that the existing code works in the new execution environment and migrate it as needed.

  • With this update, the process completion of asynchronous execution will be determined strictly. Please be sure to run the callback function when the asynchronous execution is completed, as described in Asynchronous execution.
  • Compatibility issues may occur with this execution environment (Node.js) update. We recommend you to check that your existing code works properly in the new execution environment during the migration preparation period.

Read JavaScript Engine for more details.

Thank you for your continuous support of Kii Cloud.