JavaScript Cloud SDK ChangeLog

v2.4.18 (20 Apr, 2021)


  • Improved error handling

v2.4.15 (2 Dec, 2020)


  • Dropped FlexAnalytics feature.
  • Dropped ABTesting feature.
  • Dropped China site.

v2.4.14 (25 Jun, 2019)


  • Add descriptions for some deprecated services. The following services will be not supported after July 31st, 2019
    • CN3 location.
    • LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, RenRen (人人網)
    • Login with UI provided by SDK.

v2.4.13 (21 May, 2018)


  • Relaxed email validation.

v2.4.12 (19 Jan, 2018)

md5: aa7c5c4b7c27e19f7282578644708561


  • Fix KiiUser#authenticateWithToken and related bugs.

v2.4.11 (21 Jul, 2017)

md5: fab70ec5a5f173ea0add65a4ba19e9c5


  • Support specifying the version of the JavaScript engine (Node.js) for executing a server code.
  • Mandate a thing password for adding a new thing owner.
  • Allow an app admin to change a thing password.

v2.4.10 (20 Apr, 2017)

md5: 644a5bc700ae63f84ed69108474576cf

New feature

  • Specify mutable-contents in APNS Message
  • List owned things
  • APNS device token Installation/ Uninstallation


  • Added KiiAppAdminContext#getAccessToken()


  • KiiPushMessageBuilder#apnsContentAvailable was not disabled after it is enabled.

v2.4.9 (5 Jan, 2017)

md5: 184690fde7cd45888b37e892224f91b0


KiiObject#refresh() completely synchronize to a object in a server.

New Features

  • Supports Has field query
  • Supports Not query
  • Supports KiiObject#getKeys() and KiiObject#remove(key).

v2.4.8 (31 Aug, 2016)

md5: 2520bca6b91c6cf0654b976377ad8c7e

New features

  • Added KiiErrorParser class that allow you to parse an error string and error object.

v2.4.7 (16 Jun, 2016)

md5: e080ee742388c55cda248a5e01f0c6b7

New features

  • Enabled to reset password with PIN code in receipt SMS.

v2.4.6 (16 Jun, 2016)

md5: 618c0c26a220087b718c98008560b800

New features

  • Enabled to use Kii Cloud located in EU.

v2.4.5 (13 Jun, 2016)

md5: 44e820bea87a6eeb223352b0f1b46b21

New features

  • Locale support
  • Thing online state
  • Access API with thing token. New APIs for this features:
    • Kii#authenticateAsThing(vendorThingID, password, callbacks)
    • Kii#authenticateAsThingWithToken(thingID, token, callbacks)
    • KiiThingContext

v2.4.4 (12 May, 2016)

md5: 6c07de59997ed3da48bf1255b7a64902


Enable to get pending email/ phone that has not been verified yet.

  • KiiUser#getPendingPhoneNumber()
  • KiiUser#getPendingEmailAddress()

When the application config requires Phone/ Email verification, new Phone/ Email is stored as pending identifier until the verification has been done. This API enables the application to show the accurate status of the KiiUser to end users.

Behavior change

Timing of changing email/ phone property ot the KiiUser

After the following API has been completed, - KiiUser#changePhone(string, callback) - KiiUser#changeEmail(string, callback)

Value obtained by getPhoneNumber()/ getEmailAddress() won't be changed immediately by SDK. The reason is new Phone/ Email has not been promoted as users' Phone/ Email if the verification has not been done. Please call #refresh() and check the existence of pendingPhone/ Email.

v2.4.3 (8 Apr, 2016)

md5: 29775e416b413ef081550623b4b8e159

New feature

  • Added Push Installation APIs (MQTT/ GCM)
  • Introduced KiiUserBuilder

Misc. changes

  • Modified READ_OBJECTS_IN_BUCKET acl document. (The feature is now available)
  • Released Minified version.

v2.4.2 (23 Feb, 2016)

md5: 02fdc046561c07b60ae22450ea9a85a4


  • Added KiiObject#getID() method.

Misc. changes

  • Added READ_OBJECTS_IN_BUCKET acl. (It is reserved for future. Not available now)

v2.4.1 (21 Jan, 2016)

md5: 2fb3c328e5a48b790479c233659c540b


  • Refreshs KiiUser when user is linked to social account.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that Firefox cannot handle Etag header.

v2.4.0 (25 Dec, 2015)

md5: 930a6dc83f1f083de051652c9cc4091c

New features

  • Enable to specify group ID on creation of the group.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed reserved key handling issue in KiiObject/ KiiUser.

v2.3.0 (2 Nov, 2015)

md5: 41ca90bd7d7e535b7fa44f12e6ced347


  • Thing ownership flow improvement.
  • Enable to use thing scope encrypted bucket. (Enterprise subscription)

v2.2.2 (9 Oct, 2015)

md5: 3971256dd2fba958c2ab6e6aacce7cf3

Bug fix

  • Don't treat "uuid" field as Object ID.


  • Enable site CN3

v2.2.1 (10 Sep, 2015)

md5: 096fd817ce42d1c781a0fb24cbd4f9ec


  • Social integration, please confirm documentation for social integration
    • Enable to login/link with Social Network Providers Access token for Google and Renren.

v2.2.0 (3 Aug, 2015)

md5: 91671f9ec7b2b5718ca36d3afdb7c888

New features

  • Integrate Analytics SDK.


  • Remove FB dependency from social network integration.

v2.1.34 (3 Jul, 2015)

md5: c06cb9e36918bc8b5b3dd79a0ac82433

New features

  • Promise support.

v2.1.33 (25 Jun, 2015)

md5: ce91c2c20cb3c02d468eee57e365f2de

New features

  • Listing Topics
  • Checking the existence of Topic

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug that validation code is wrong in KiiGeoPoint.

v2.1.32 (9 Jun, 2015)

md5: c071292e8aab4234b700b10bf6b024fd

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug caused timeout error when throwing error from callbacks of KiiThing#refresh, KiiThing#update, KiiAppAdminContext#loadThingWithThingID or KiiAppAdminContext#loadThingWithVendorThingID on server code.

v2.1.31 (13 May, 2015)

md5: 12ba844e81068aa1d392fed3415ae0a3

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug caused "undefined method reference" error when calling KiiUser#topicWithName under admin context.

v2.1.30 (11 May, 2015)

md5: 359e704cb449184b11799356886ef2f9

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug that SDK cannot handle the thing scope URI.

v2.1.29 (24 Apr, 2015)

md5: 8d89885433ef36e7dc90ea64f9461cb1

Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused custom fields to be lost when calling KiiUser.update() or KiiUser.putIdentity() method.

v2.1.28 (1 Apr, 2015)

md5: 31924232cc7bf17554d6f29590e31764

New features

  • Thing for Mobile apps.
  • Push related features.


  • Expose newusercreated filed for native social integration.
  • Refresh KiiUser after social network integration.

v2.1.27 (6 Mar, 2015)


New features

  • Reset Password via SMS

v2.1.26 (16 Feb, 2015)


New features

  • Bucket encryption

v2.1.25 (23 Jan, 2015)


New features

  • Server Code execution

v2.1.24 (19 Dec, 2014)

md5: b74f3b5dfa937bf4db60a78f32479ec0

New features

  • API to check if the user is disabled.
  • API's to obtain linked social account information and check if a specified social network is linked.
  • Integrate QQ ( with Kii Cloud. You can now signup/signin the users to your App with their QQ accounts.


  • Upgraded to Facebook API v2.1 to follow their major update and deprecation of v1.X.

v2.1.23 (4 Nov, 2014)

md5: 3f922f57151baea45b5a3511b1c82290

Bug fix

  • Suppress implicit cache by Safari, which sends unexpected if-none-match header.

v2.1.22 (31 Oct, 2014)

md5: 9087a8cd9eb57b392bfa3ce488bc8fb1

New features

  • Accept short display name. (longer than or equal to 1 characters.)

v2.1.21 (6 Oct, 2014)

md5: 4d94fa7f32c282a843ddb3e68e8f6cf8

New features

  • API to create clause of in condition.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem in admin operation.
    • resendEmailVerification by admin.
    • findUser by admin.
  • Fix problem of removing ACL entry using different instance.

v2.1.20 (8 Sep, 2014)

md5: 39a38db8e8b074dbaa74c558128fe186

New features

  • Pseudo user. This feature enables KiiUser registration without identity (username, email, phone number) and password.
  • Access token expiration setting API for KiiUser authentication.
  • Support Local Phone registration/ login
  • Find User APIs

v2.1.19 (25 Aug, 2014)

md5: a1ad821b1f66acc01c13d01a2a2eac0e

Bug fixes

  • The unintended quote is added to group name when changing.

v2.1.18 (13 Aug, 2014)

md5: f84b1edb0a3444ce2ad0a59366b44683


  • Enable to get ID of KiiUser/KiiGroup and instantiate them from ID.

v2.1.17 (6 Aug, 2014)

md5: 217df30dde924452f2805bbed77e9b92

Bug fixes

  • Fix problems in server code execution.

v2.1.16 (1 Aug, 2014)

md5: c3ddb871c075f30bf5c0d21980b38e40

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem in parallel execution.
  • Fix problem in admin operation
    • Object body operation by admin.
    • Problems in part of KiiUser/KiiGroup API.
  • Fix problem in operating ACL entry.

v2.1.15 (24 Jul, 2014)

md5: 2eea9f4d22b6729b802ea2abaa0b2243

New features

  • App Admin can instantiate KiiGroup with specified id/Uri.
  • Create object with specified ID.


  • Remove password field from KiiUser

Bug fixes

  • Fix error handling logic when there is no response body.

v2.1.14 (12 Jun, 2014)

md5: 6d539d2a28536547e53027968346641b

New features

  • Upload/Download/Publish/Delete Object body.
    • Now you can attach arbitrary data to the object. (binary file, etc.)
    • Note:
    • This feature requires XMLHttpRequest Level 2, FileReader, and Blob supports.
    • This API is not available on Titanium since Titanium doesn't satisfy the requirement above.

Bug fixes

  • KiiGroup member can not be removed from the group in some cases.
  • Remove KiiUser URI validation from KiiUser#userWithURI.

v2.1.13 (22 May, 2014)

md5: 68f2a0ad4e8c427da494eeb10291f6d0

New features

  • Counting objects in bucket
  • Update object by app admin
  • Site SG is available.


  • Stop setting display name implicitly.
  • Remove redundant logging.

v2.1.12 (26 Feb, 2014)

md5: 843dd2ec1edba41da91847519e085ca7


  • Remove the jQuery dependency.
    • jQuery becomes optional. You can use KiiSDK with/without jQuery.
    • Switch XMLHttpClient automatically in following priority.
    • If jQuery is defined, SDK uses jQuery ajax.
    • If XMLHttpRequest is defined, SDK uses XMLHttpRequest.
    • If Titanium is defined (use KiiSDK in Titanium), SDK uses Titanium.Network.HTTPClient.

v2.1.11 (1 Nov, 2013)

md5: b5f2f737fb38857edd6b2d20df5a6e84

New features

  • Geo Query.

v2.1.10 (30 Sep, 2013)

md5: 1046336f3541653f0cb236e1b577a1dc

New features

  • Login, link with Twitter.

v2.1.9 (26 Sep, 2013)

md5: 82d0ce854c98f405fadb046f4c0b73ed

Bug fixes

  • Can not link the user with Facebook account due to updates in Facebook SDK.

v2.1.8 (12 Sep, 2013)

md5: 3a406a3da570429a21e29260f2a873c5

New features

  • KiiUser#ownerOfGroups() List groups which owned by the user.
  • KiiGroup#getCachedOwner() Get owner of the group (returns cached value. Does not access server.)


  • Fix bugs

v2.1.7 (1 Aug, 2013)

md5: 7a96f23d0c30e79d2528d7b161894174

Revise API document

  • Reset a password only doable with an email address, not with a phone number.
  • Add documents of delete() methods in KiiBucket, KiiObject, KiiUser, and KiiGroup) ### Other
  • Remove unnecessary codes.

v2.1.6 (9 Jul, 2013)

md5: efe88728e4fb8e2676fbbe8716f4146a

Bug fixes

  • Object partial updates sends all cached field.


  • Add a recommendation of using integer instead of floating point for object property.

v2.1.5 (2 Jul, 2013)

md5: 239de84454c81f0a78d4d2f6fadd2807

Bug fixes

  • Fix minor bugs.

v2.1.4 (7 Jun, 2013)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug of KiiBucket#executeQuery.

v2.1.3 (14 May, 2013)

New features

  • Enable operation by app admin. For details, please refer to the section of AppAdminContext in API document.

Added new methods for user registration

  • Can now register with email address + phone number + username combination
  • Also email address + phone number combination


  • authentication handling after a user is registered

Sample Code

Create user with email address

// New method: sign up with email address, phone number, and username
var username = "user123456";
var emailAddress = "";
var phoneNumber = "+87455500000";
var password = "123ABC";

// Create the KiiUser object
var user = KiiUser.userWithCredentials(emailAddress, phoneNumber, username, password);

// Register the user, defining callbacks for when the process completes
    // Called on successful registration
     success: function(theUser) {
         // Print some info to the log
         console.log("User registered!");
    // Called on a failed registration
    failure: function(theUser, errorString) {
        // Print some info to the log
        console.log("Error registering: " + errorString);

// Updated method: sign up with email address and password -- with no username
var emailAddress = "";
var phoneNumber = "+87455500000";
var password = "123ABC";

// Create the KiiUser object
var user = KiiUser.userWithEmailAddressAndPhoneNumber(emailAddress, phoneNumber, password);

// Register the user, defining callbacks for when the process completes
    // Called on successful registration
    success: function(theUser) {
        // Print some info to the log
        console.log("User registered!");
    // Called on a failed registration
    failure: function(theUser, errorString) {
        // Print some info to the log
        console.log("Error registering: " + errorString);