Sending Commands

Once the onboarding completes, the mobile app can send commands to the thing to remotely operate it via the Internet.

The details of the remote operation is represented in JSON format.

The below figure shows the operation flow.

The user action on the mobile app sends a command to Thing Interaction Framework which transfers it to the target thing (:num1:). The thing parses the command and controls the hardware (:num2:). The thing returns the execution result as the command result and Thing Interaction Framework notifies the mobile app of the command completion (:num3:). Note that process :num3: actually involves two steps: receiving the command completion and getting the command result.

The command consists of multiple actions represented as parameters in JSON format. You can freely define the number of actions and their parameters according to the specification of your IoT solution.

The below figure shows an example with an air conditioner. The command contains the turnPower action for the power supply operation and the setPresetTemperature action for specifying the preset temperature.

After the command is executed, you can get the command result which includes the success/failure and error messages.

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See Action and Command Execution for more information about commands and actions.