IoT Features

Use Thing Interaction Framework and the Kii Cloud SDK when you build IoT solutions.

  • Thing Interaction Framework is a framework positioned above the Kii Cloud SDK. It is a combination of selected functionalities of the Kii Cloud SDK to accelerate IoT solutions. The Thing-IF SDK is the SDK to use this framework.

  • The Kii Cloud SDK provides IoT elements such as thing management as well as the features described in Mobile Features.

The Kii Cloud SDK allows you to combine various functional elements for the mobile app to deliver necessary functionalities. In contrast, Thing Interaction Framework has predefined usage models and provides necessary features based on the models.

Use Thing Interaction Framework for efficient implementation. If the models of Thing Interaction Framework do not satisfy some of your requirements, you can develop the missing functionalities by combining functional elements of the Kii Cloud SDK.

This section outlines the following subjects with a focus on Thing Interaction Framework.

This section provides only the overview. See Function Guide for the functional details and Programming Guides for programming implementation.