Thing Interaction Framework has the concept of a thing owner. Onboarding associates a user with a thing. The user or group which became a thing owner can send commands and receive state information.

The mobile app user logs in with the API of the Kii Cloud SDK and onboards the thing by specifying its vendorThingID (There are different onboarding methods available).

vendorThingID is an ID that the developer can freely assign to a thing. When a thing is registered to Kii Cloud, thingID is assigned to it. After that, you can use either vendorThingID or thingID to reference the registered thing.

In the example below, User A and Thing 1111, and User B and Thing 2222 are onboarded, respectively.

The thing can receive commands from and send state information to its owner. If any non-owner user attempts to access a thing, Thing Interaction Framework issues a security error.

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See Onboarding for more information.